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Blueberry Extracts for Wholesale

It increases people's awareness of extracts.Meanwhile plants, chemical synthetic drugs have side effects and side effects.

With the increase in the depth plant extracts and breadth of international pharmaceutical market after China's accession to the WTO, plant extract is the key to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine and technological innovation. Plant extracts is destined to become one of the most popular drugs in the industry of herbal extracts century.Chinese 21 formed certain scale, although some large well known companies, but many Chinese medicine manufacturer fine chemicals production plant extracts, but the scale, the export volume of more than large companies. The scale of production of plant extracts was some progress, but from the modern scale plant extracts supplier , there is a considerable gap.The herd the manufacturer, duplication of investment, resulting in a waste of resources is not conducive to the development of enterprise wide.

plant extracts

In the development of herbal extracts in China, only a handful of companies have a certain reputation in the international market.

The products do not have markings on the international market. But none of them really has its brand. Technological content of products is low, vulnerability to market shocks, provide marketing difficulties Hawthorn Leaf Extract . Compared with foreign products, quality plant extracts is not very high, prices are generally low. No assurance of the quality of the competition between low cost manufacturers of extracts of plants, not only disrupted the market has also shattered the brand name of the product.Second, the rush certain product in mass action between companies keep prices low, poor quality products vicious competition still exists. In addition, residues of pesticides in plant extracts Hawthorn Leaf Extract Supplier export, heavy metals, microbial limit exceeded phenomenon. Even if the international market is the future of the plant extract market demand for full, but the low level of supply is still difficult to meet the quality requirements.

Hawthorn Leaf Extract

Modern plant extract of internationally recognized quality standards, to ensure that the plant extracts, safe, effective and quality control.

China should set quality standards extracts plants to improve the quality of products to be developed in line with Chinese characteristics scientific Horny Goat Weed Extract . At present, only Ginkgo biloba extract a small amount of quality standards, the vast majority of plant extracts there is no national quality standards, the majority of enterprises is the basis of the quality of services in the contract as product delivery and testing of product quality methods confusion. Companies can not use cumulative production itself in power Horny Goat Weed Extract Wholesale , experience quality control of the international market for foreign manufacturers of pharmaceuticals services, eroding international competitiveness. The government should have national strategic objectives to guide the direction of modernization of Chinese medicine.

Horny Goat Weed Extract

Plant extracts are becoming more widely recognized by consumers.

With the integration of universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and many other forces, it will create a good development environment to build a system research and development. Strengthen research on the international market to help companies Supercritical paprika oleoresin develop new markets, export promotion. Strengthening currency, using the ISM and herbal extracts in the world to make unremitting efforts to jointly promote the modernization of Chinese medicine development.Standardization and large scale production of plant extracts are important elements in promoting the modernization of Chinese medicine. It becomes an effective way for Chinese medicines entering the international market. With the status of traditional medicine and herbal medicine increases, consumers become familiar with plant extracts Supercritical paprika oleoresin Suppliers . So it goes unlimited prospects for the future development.

Supercritical paprika oleoresin

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